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What We Do

  • We are personal chefs, hired by clients to prepare meals in their homes—from family style meals to intimate dinner parties to fine dining extravaganzas.
  • We teach others about food and meal preparation through in-home cooking classes and cooking demonstrations.
  • We experiment with food combinations, seasonings and unique ingredients, testing and developing recipes for ourselves, other chefs and cookbook authors.
  • We are committed to delivering unparalleled value, guaranteeing an inspired meal using the highest quality ingredients.

Photo Credit:  dimnikolov

Who We Are

Local Flavor was founded by Margie Kriebel in 2013. Margie maintains a network of carefully chosen, highly skilled cooks, servers, and bartenders to help with your meal or dinner party. We have established relationships with floral specialists and party rental companies for our clients to access. Together, we ensure flawless execution of your event.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Margie Kriebel

I love food and was born to cook but for many years conventional wisdom nudged me along a more traditional business path. In 2013 I followed my passion in earnest and earned a professional culinary certificate from San Francisco Cooking School. Now I work as a personal chef, cooking instructor, recipe tester/developer and avid gardener. Working with clients to develop menus tailored to the spirit of their event is one of my favorite responsibilities. I personally manage and oversee the Local Flavor team in all aspects of a meal including preparation, cooking, plating, serving, and clean-up. I have a keen appreciation for contemporary cooking and am continually updating my skills through ongoing culinary education, extensive travel and eating out at restaurants whenever possible!