Welcome to My Blog


Welcome! I am Margie the voice behind the Local Flavor blog. You can read more about Local Flavor here. I love all things food—growing food, cooking food, and eating food. Food has been a passion of mine since I was young but I didn’t recognize that until I was older and wiser.

Now I spend my days cooking for others, testing and developing recipes, and teaching others how to cook. Oh yes – I also spend a huge amount of time eating out at restaurants—from fabled hole-in the wall "dives" to recently anointed Michelin Star restaurants.

When I am not cooking, you can find me gardening, growing unique vegetables, fruits and herbs that will hopefully add incredible flavor to a recipe. And when I am not cooking OR gardening, I will be writing here to share lessons learned about food and cooking so you can join in my journey! You can subscribe to my blog by providing me with your email address on the side bar.

My goal is to publish a blog post every week where I will feature unique ingredients and recipes, food artisan spotlights, causes near and dear to my heart and a whole host of culinary resources available to you. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.